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I just wanted to let everyone know that Linda is a true professional Resume Writer, Career Coach and best of all a great friend! I highly recommend Linda to anyone if they need a great Federal Resume, but remember you have to be a partner during the process and provide all the information she needs to accomplish the job...if you do, success is guaranteed!!!

Cedric C.

Aurora, CO

HIRED Sept 2012

Purchasing Agent at FEMA Denver, CO

Linda helped me with a federal resume for the FAA back in March 2012. I never heard anything for a while and then I got an email saying that they were merging AVIATOR with USAJOBS and if I was still interested, I would need to reapply. I finished that in June and in July I got a phone call from the Washington, DC office, which is one of the locations I wanted. I interviewed a week later and I got the job. I really appreciate your part in helping me to get it. Thank you for all of your help.

Justin P. PILOT

Washington, DC

HIRED Aug 2012

If you are having any reservations about hiring a professional resume writer, I highly encourage you to call Linda. After reading reviews, looking at other resume services, then speaking with Linda, I knew she was the person I wanted to work with. I could not have been more right! Her knowledge and expertise in federal resumes is reassuring and her ability to transform all of the documentation and information into a first class, well organized professional resume is amazing. Within a week of applying for the position I had an interview and am now working in the position! Soon afterward, I asked Linda to work on my daughters resume. A graduating college senior, she was feeling very stressed, completing internships, projects, applying for jobs, and working. Linda reviewed her current resume and told her how she could help. The resulting resume and cover letters were very well done and versatile to use when applying for several different positions. More job interviews and offers soon followed! To put it simply, the level of service that Linda delivers is unmatched; personal, professional, versatile, and dedicated to delivering a first class product. Thank You Linda!

Nancy S.

Pound, WI

April 19, 2013 HIRED!

County Executive Director, Department of Agriculture

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Satisfied customers who got the Federal job after I wrote their resume said:

It is seldom seen, in the world of business for a person to go out of their way not only to help, but go that extra mile based on integrity alone. Linda is one of those people. I did not know Linda when I started this process, but got to know her well by the end. Linda not only wrote an outstanding resume and cover letter, but took the time to get to know me and gave me more tips and insight into Job hunting than I ever imagined. It's rare you meet someone so giving and who goes that extra mile because of the pride she has for her craft. If you want a top notch professional and human being, I would use her for all of your job hunting needs and never look back. She will be the best decision and investment you will ever make. Thank you so much Linda.

Ron T.

Pittsburgh, PA

Marketing Specialist

Feb 21, 2013

After being in the workforce for a good number of years, I made the decision to quit everything and start fresh. It's a vulnerable place I have put myself in and yet Linda has been the greatest support to me through this process. She has helped me to put an entirely fresh face to my resume, one that truly expresses my professional self, on paper. She has reminded me of my years of life experience along with my knowledge, skills and abilities and the value that all of that puts on my head in the working world. As I continue to pursue the next chapter of my professional life, I know that I can count on her continued enthusiasm, support and friendship during my journey! Linda's knowledge in the areas of recruitment and resume writing are well worth every penny and I would highly recommend her to everyone I know! She has gone above and beyond for me as I am certain she would do for anyone! Thank you Linda for everything!

- Lisa W.

HIRED! June 5, 2014

Federal Job as Park Technician Specialist at Navajo Lake State Park, NM 

I am a recent RN graduate searching tirelessly for the past 1 1/2 months for employment. With no responses, I decided to have someone review my resume. I Googled resume writers and found a lot of different sites but Resume Writer USA really stood out in my head and I decided to call. Linda Parker is the lady on the other line and I am extremely appreciative that I found her. She transformed my resume from nothing to something. She pointed out all the inaccuracies on my resume and told me what she will do to make it a success. We spoke back and forth tirelessly via email or telephone to get my input and to ensure that everything was perfection. She is truly sent by GOD. I can't stop thanking her for what she did for me. I know I have not started sending out resumes as of yet but, I am feeling so confident that when I do I will get some recognition. My resume and Cover letter is truly a Masterpiece. Thanks Linda for all your help.

- Janineen R.

Mount Vernon, NY

May 2014

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I had been working in the mortgage industry for 9 years, and have recently been laid off. I turned to Linda at for her assistance in getting a Resume that would market me into a different career direction, and she delivered. My Resume is absolutely beautiful and I look forward to potential employers viewing it as I know they will be impressed. Thank you Resume Writer USA, your work is the ultimate in professionalism. 

- Stephanie J.

Las Vegas, NV

Jan 2014


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I recently had an opportunity to interview with the VA (Veterans Administration) for the position of Program Support Assistant. This is a great job with the Federal government. I have been attending the University of Phoenix for about 3yrs., trying to finish up so that I can move out of the transportation business. I have been driving trucks for about 7yrs. I came to Linda for professional help, relating my experience driving trucks to this program support assistant position. These two fields are in no way related but I needed to make it work because I really wanted this job. Linda jumped right on it, creating a well-organized federal resume that eventually landed me the job. I am currently working for the VA and am extremely happy about it. Thanks to this wonderful woman. I would recommend her to anyone in need of a professional and well organized resume.

Rahman A.

Las Vegas, NV

Feb 29, 2012 HIRED!

Patient Advocate, Veterans Administration

I applied for over 50 federal jobs with my old resume with not so much as a sniff. Since hiring Linda, I have applied for 2 jobs, already had an interview for one and a call about another. That’s 2 for 2 or 100%. She will not get you the job, which is up to you, but she will get you on top of the resume pile and in the door, that is her job and she is very good at it!

Steve C.

Richlands, NC

April 22, 2012 HIRED

Marketing/Administrative Support